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Wide-Range, Wide-Angle Loudspeaker Driver     by Christensen Audio, LLC and Arya Audio Labs

Globally patented, including in the U.S., China, Japan, Canada and Europe.

Christensen Audio, LLC

A few comments on the Arya Audio Labs AirBlade-equipped Cessaro Wagner Silver Signature from

"...the Air Blade shocks me with its ability to reproduce music as if it is a live performance. The soundstage, vocal/instruments are so real that without it (on a ABAB) the system sounds plain to me."

"For me it is the end of the road as far as tweeters are concerned. It is the best that I can own and the one that I like the most of those that I have been able to hear."

" AirBlade dueled with three high-quality transducers from Morel, ScanSpeak and ESS. I love them all: the musicality and smoothness of the Morel Supreme, the neutrality and midrange of the SS Beryllium (which Magico adapts for its designs), the extension and brightness of the ESS AMT ... yet I have the impression that on my AirBlade I find all those virtues multiplied in a single transducer. I could not conceive of going back."