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Wide-Range, Wide-Angle Loudspeaker Driver

The ultimate wide-range, wide-angle, true point-source speaker driver has finally arrived.   It covers the frequency range of up to 100Hz to 20+KHz, with extremely low distortion, very high power handling and superb subjective sound quality (patented).

Available in many different configurations, applications and sizes, including 360-degrees, 180-degrees or any other desired horizontal angle of coverage.  Applications include a wide variety of implementations, all the way from headphones and portables,

up thru home and commercial sound, as well as automotive and Prosound.  High-quality, full-range sound is now available from any location in the listening room, and not just in the traditional, tiny "sweet spot" usually located only directly in front of the speakers.

As developed by Arya Audio Labs

The third licensee has been signed up as of 9-15-2017, and products based on this technology are now shipping by Arya Audio Labs.  Select Intellectual Property may still available for commercial license, however, so please contact us regarding licensing opportunities.  The USPTO has granted US Patent Number 9,124,964 as of September, 2015 and has recently granted US Patent Number 9,900,696 (issued on Feb. 20, 2018).  EPO Patent Number 2848008 has been issued, Japan Patent Number 6184478 has been issued, China has been allowed, and other US and International patents have been allowed and/or are pending as of mid-2019.

Frequency Response Measurements

Power Compression Measurements

As shown at the 2018 and 2019 Munich High-End Shows by Arya Audio Labs


(Patented, with other U.S. and International Patents granted and applied for including China, Europe, Japan and Canada.)